ESC Training and Commitment

ESC Training

  • The most important aspects of the Academy and Select Programs are competition and training.
  • Professional coaches train each team.
  • Technical and tactical training is provided in each 1.5 hour team training session.
  • Players are expected to work at home on basic technical skills and fitness.
  • Players must be committed to practice.
  • Additional training opportunities along with speed, strength and agility training will be available and encouraged.

Games, Tournaments and Travel

  • Academy games are held at the MESA soccer complex in Simpsonville on Sunday afternoons.
  • Select games are held locally or in other cities, such as Columbia, Spartanburg, Anderson and Greenville.
  • Teams typically participate in 1 fall and 1 spring tournaments at the discretion of the ESC staff.  These tournaments have been locally or in Kingsport, TN, Charlotte, Columbia, Charleston, or Winston-Salem.
  • Please note that teams may also choose to participate in an additional local or regional tournaments and will require additional costs that may range from $45 – $60 per player, per tournament, independent of travel and lodging costs.


  • ESC would prefer its players make a mutual one-year commitment, which lasts until the tryout period the following year. While you are playing at ESC, we ask that you give careful consideration to absences so that the effect on other players is minimized. Regular attendance at practice sessions is necessary.
  • ESC expects players who represent the club to maintain high standards of personal behavior both on and off the field. We place great importance on academics and expect players to organize their activities to accommodate both schoolwork and soccer at high levels of achievement. We look to parents to ensure that their ESC players reach games and practices on time, to attend whenever possible with a positive attitude, and volunteer to assist team managers in maintaining a positive environment.


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