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2017/2018 ESC Select Teams

Thank you for attending the 2017/2018 ESC Select tryouts.

Here are the accepted players for the ESC 2017/2018 teams. You will have 72 hours to the accept your players position on the team. You will also need to pay the $150.00 acceptance fee. You should receive an email with a link to accept your position. If you did not receive the email to accept your position, please contact Kim Kirchner.


Any questions in regards to player placement should be directed to ESc Director of Coaching, Ross Goodacre at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Jeff Young.


On Monday June 5th, ESC will hold information meetings for the parents and guardians of players recently placed on academy and select teams. The meetings will be held at Forest Acres Elementary School in Easley and will give parents an overview of the structure for their child, financial obligations, commitment expectations and what to expect from ESC.  

There will be an opportunity for you to view and your child to try on the new ESC uniforms (Uniform Fees) as well as ask questions of coaches and staff members about any area of the player and family experience at ESC. 

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday but if you are unable to attend please don't hesitate to email or call with any questions you might have.  We will try to make the meeting notes available to you via email later. 

Monday June 5th

Academy (DOB 2006-2010)
6:00pm - 6:45pm

Select (Classic/Open/HS Prep/Club) (DOB 1999-2005)
7:00pm - 7:45pm

Forest Acres Elementary 
401 McAlister Road Easley, SC 29642

Please park in marked spots in the front or on either side of the school and enter through the main doors to the school.

ESC 05 Girls Classic
Burger Ashley
Burnett Ellison
Cousins Paige
Crewe Lauren
Hazel Olivia
Hemphill Emma
Horn Griffin
Irby AJ
Neuberger Emma
Petty Mackenzie
Rutland Callie
Scrivner Kenlee
Standish-McDonald Erin
Strating Alexandra
Thobe Mikayla


ESC HS Girls
Abercrombie Kara
Beasley Gabi
Becerra Michelle
Bissonette Angel
Bloomer Ellison
Carpenter Anna
Cooley Gina
Franklin Lyric
Gober Tori
Jones Isabel
Membreaux Brianna
Miller Halle
Ortiz Isabella
Ream Katherine
Taylor Hanna
Thompson Sydney
Turner Gabby


ESC 05 Boys Classic
Alexander Ethan
Barrett Jonas
Bradley Jonas
Brannon Walker
Carpenter Allen
Enloe Braydon
Garcia Lukas
Guerrant Ryan
Loftus Landon
Mills Matthew
Pavon Ernesto
Pike Trevor
Rasco Braedon
Ross Ian
Samwaa Fred
Thompson-Vazquez Eric


ESC 04/05 Open
Cordova Damian
Cortes Daniel
Cortes Isaac
Covington Caedmon
Diaz Christopher
Fitzsimmons Drew
Goeringer Hunter
Martin Quay
Miller Sammy
Ream Kevin
Shelnut Camden
Simpson Robbie
Thompson Porter
Venable Eli
Wienke Nolan


ESC 04 Boys Classic
Barbary Cannon
Bigbee Wesley
Blanco Dimitri
Campuzano Aiden
Cobb George
Drayton Thomas
Finley Weston
Freeman Julien
Hallett Benjamin
Horn Owen
Hudson Thomas
Merck Eli
Parsons Luke
Rutland Jack
Young Joshua


ESC 03 Boys Open
Batson Tommy
Brannon Carson
Dacus Reeves
Edwards Colin
Garza Ivan
Hurst Nicholas
Kyle William
Markem Alexander
Panasko Jonathan
Parisi Aiden
Pike Carter
Snyder William
Taaffe Justin
Warner Cole
Wiggington John


ESC U15 Club Boys
Brooks Brandon
Coker Nicolas
Guarino Evan
Lopez Isaac
Cothran Trevor
McCord Daniel
Osborne Riley
Riddle Stephen
Strelow Blake
Whitlock Zach
Durrell Justin
Zakrzwski Mark
Guthrie Daniel


ESC 01 Boys Classic
Clark Wesley
Cothran Grant
Covington Florian
Diaz Diego
Helms Carter
Kay Jamie
Kay Julian
Kyle Matthew
LaMance Mason
Lister Luke
Moorrees Dalton
Pena Lara Jonathan
Torres Matthew
Young Jacob
Zakrzwski Thomas


ESC 00 Boys Classic
Anders Tate
Bloomer Garrett
Carranza Becerra Ronal
Cooley Tristan
Covington Marius
Donahue Ben
Goeringer Jackson
Golden Gabe
Guthrie Jonah
Harjehausen Aaron
Kish Dustyn
Mohrmann John
Overfelt Chris
Patel Kunal
Pickens Brayden
Stein Logan
Whitehurst Daniel


ESC HS Prep Boys
Baxa Josh
Berendsen Andrew
Boughman Houston
Bray Zachary
Brissey Jack
Caples Connor
Combs Tyler
Cortes Jose Alfredo
Davis Michael
Garrison Jacob
Hildebrand Colton
Love Connor
Martin Jack
Mason Griffin
Merck James
Nguyen Ashton
Ochiuto Vincent
Ogawa Kenta
Perryman Kaleb
Ramirez Angel
Ross Banks
Taafe Jason

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